In 1994 an idea started spreading through the local grooming community. An idea that grew and became the Arizona Professional Pet Groomers Association.  It took almost two years to finalize the by laws and the code of ethics. Direction for the Association had focused on advancing/continuing education, mini seminars, given on a monthly basis at our association meetings. Now our seminars have grown to day long events given once or twice a year. We also focus on our local community service and civic duty to assist the local no kill shelters and Arizona Humane Societies along with local and national rescue organizations through yearly donations.

    Our newest focus is the State Licensing of Professional Pet Groomers. The first steps in developing and defining the projects scope have been taken. This project is to enact legislation to License Professional Pet Groomers with in the state of Arizona. The preliminary projects scope is just bringing Arizona in line with other states striving for the same goal. This is a wonderful opportunity to standardize our profession and set forth professional standards and practices for the professional groomer, grooming schools, and grooming businesses.  We encourage you to join us in our newest and most needed focus to help make our state recognize our career choice as a professional and ethical business. State licensing would give pet groomers a Vocational License to practice in the state of Arizona. Grooming businesses and Schools would not need to be licensed but would need to follow the guidelines set by the state licensing board.

    Our mission as Arizona's Professional Pet Grooming Association Members are to come together in the spirit of professionalism, trust and friendship, to create an atmosphere of open communication, free exchange of methods and ideas, improve our grooming skills and achieve goals that have been set forth through the association and ourselves as individuals.

    The goals of the A.P.P.G.A. are to keep you the professional groomer informed as to the current legislation that may affect your business. To empower your voice. To present the opportunity to offer you advanced education through breed workshops and professional seminars with information to advance your skills and network with other professionals from around the country for the good of the industry.

    We welcome your comments and feedback. You may send us your written correspondence to : A.P.P.G.A. : PO Box, 5733,  Scottsdale, AZ 85261 or you can use our Feedback form by clicking the "Feedback" link on the bottom of each page.

    The Arizona Professional Pet Grooming Association is a class C-5 , not for profit organization. We do not promote products or promotion ideology.

    We encourage you to join our association, explore our website for more information on becoming a A.P.P.G.A. member or finding a A.P.P.G.A. member to serve your pet grooming needs.